Credit Card CVV Number

Visa Credit Card CVV code, MasterCard Credit Card CVV code, Amex Credit Card CVV number

What is CVV?

Credit Card CVV is yet another technique by credit card industry players to minimize the misuse of credit cards against fraud/unauthorized transactions. CVV is an acronym for Card Verification Value. Have poor credit score? Read how to improve your credit score and what is a good credit score.

There are several different types of credit card security codes like CVV1, CVV2 or CVC2. The difference in these two is that CVV1 is present on the magnetic strip of the card, however the CVV2 is not present on the magnetic strip and this is required when “card is not present” means that the transaction is carried out through internet.

When we use the credit cards while making an online transaction, we need to enter the Credit Card CVV number before submitting the order via internet. The Credit Card security code is present on the credit card itself depending on which interchange’s card you are using.

For example: For Visa, MasterCard, and Discover the CVV number is a 3 digit number printed on the signature strip present on the back  of the card.

And for Credit Cards by American Express, the 4-digit CVV number is right above the card account number on the front of the card.

There is one similarity between the CVV number of AMEX, VISA and MasterCard that is the CVV code is not embossed on any of these cards unlike the card account number. Many a times people confuse the PIN number associated with the MasterCard Secure Code or Visa’s verified by VISA, however both are different as this number is printed on the card itself. There are various algorithms designed to calculate the Credit Card CVV number of the credit card and those encrypted algorithms are confidential for the specific banks.

It is also advisable that when you receive your credit card , just go an remember your Credit Card CVV number by heart or write it somewhere which is beyond anyone’s else reach and then hide the CVV number on the card either with a pen or a pencil.  This is because of the reason that your card number is visible to all, if you leave your card unattended, so if the malicious person notes down your Credit Card CVV number along with the card number then he can carry out lot many online transactions (depending on the limit assigned to your card) and sometimes you have to pay for those transactions when you will not be able to prove that these transactions are not made by you.

So if your Credit Card security code is safe then your card is safe, nobody will be able to make unauthorized/fraud transactions (online transactions) from your card. That’s the beauty of Credit Card CVV code.

So it is our duty to protect our credit card and cvv number. If you think that your card details have been compromised, you must call your bank to close your card and reissue a new cars as soon as possible.